Romania / 1959 / 34’ / b/w / Comedy / AG 


Directed by: Geo Saizescu


Screnplay: Geo Saizescu, adaptation of the sketch with the same title by Tudor Arghezi


With: Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Nineta Gusti, Ion Lucian, Carmen Stănescu, Aurel Cioranu, Mitzura Arghezi, Dumitru Furdui


Produced by: Bucharest Cinema Studios


Two neighbours, a lawyer (Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic) and an officer (Ion Lucian) can’t stand each other and find fault with one another. The wives and the children also participate in this psychological war. The only ones beyond all the quarrels are the lawyer’s house maid and the officer’s orderly that keep a friendly relationship, slandering on the account of their masters. After numerous comical situations, the families reconcile.


The film premiered in Romania June 8th, 1959 and it is the fiction debut of the director Geo Saizescu.

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